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Staff Directory

June 13, 2013

  USD 299 Office Staff    
Jude Stecklein  jstecklein@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Superintendent
Pam Schneider pschneider@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Board Clerk
Heather Wolting hwolting@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Assistant Board Clerk
Jeff Starkey jstarkey@usd299.org 785-526-7175 High School Principal
Wilma Burger wburger@usd299.org 785-526-7175 High School Secretary
Stuart Keltner skeltner@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Counselor
  USD 299 JR/SR High Teachers    
Stuart Keltner skeltner@usd299.org 785-526-7175 7-8 English, HS Basketball
Linda Haring lharing@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Language Arts, Volleyball, Softball
Jana Wehrman jwehrman@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Science, FCA
Ben Labertew blabertew@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Science, HS Football, Jr. High Basketball
Nikki Flinn nflinn@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Technology/Computers,  KAYS
Jason Seehafer seehaferj@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Social Science, Girls Basketball
Mike Weatherman mweatherman@usd299.org 785-526-7175  Golf
Ray Keller rkeller@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Industrial Education
Janet Seehafer jseehafer@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Music
Kally Keller kkeller@usd299.org 785-526-7175 FACS, Librarian, GCTL
Mark Spears mspears@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Math
Cody Flinn cflinn@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Social Science, PE, Athletic Director
Beth Hlad bethh@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Foreign Language, Yearbook
  USD 299 Elementary Teachers    
Angie Fallis afallis@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Elementary Secretary
Marmie Schultz mschultz@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Title I
Heather Wolting hwolting@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Preschool
LeAnn Wehrman lwehrman@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Kindergarten
Mary Hlad mhlad@usd299.org 785-525-6244 1st Grade
Angie Labertew alabertew@usd299.org 785-525-6244 2nd Grade
Shaunna Scott sscott@usd299.org 785-525-6244 3rd Grade
Pam Hlad phlad@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Language Arts, Reading
Janet Vonada jvonada@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Math, Social Science
Ryan Batchman rbatchman@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Science, PE
Janet Seehafer jseehafer@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Music
Kally Keller kkeller@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Librarian
  Special Education Staff    
Steve Meier smeier@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Gifted
Desi Richards drichards@usd273.org 785-526-7175 School Psychologist
Sandy Labertew labertews@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Speech Pathologist
Lori Schmitt lschmitt@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Special Education
Lacy Pool lpool@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Special Education
Bernie Hlad bhlad@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Para-Educator
Ann Palmer apalmer@usd299.org 785-526-7175 Para-Educator
Darcy Couse dcouse@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Para-Educator
Frankie Bland fbland@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Para-Educator
Mona Short mshort@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Para-Educator
Sally Ulrich sulrich@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Para-Educator
  USD 299 Wellness Staff    
Lisa White lwhite@usd299.org   School Nurse
  USD 299 Food Service    
Tammi Keller tkeller@usd299.org 785-526-7175 High School Cook
Coleen Ancell cancell@usd299.org 785-526-7175 High School Cook
  gscook@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Elementary Cook
Judith Schultz jschultz@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Elementary Cook
Nola Schultz nschultz@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Elementary Cook
  USD 299 Bussing Staff    
Betty Splitter Bus # 3      USD 299 Bus Radio or 785-526-7175 785-526-7175 Bus Driver
Janet Hiitter Bus # 10    USD 299 Bus Radio or 785-526-7175 785-526-7175 Bus Driver
Rita Maupin Bus # 18    USD 299 Bus Radio or 785-526-7175 785-526-7175 Bus Driver
Cinda Palmer Bus # 6      USD 299 Bus Radio or 785-526-7175 785-526-7175 Bus Driver
Ester Ulrich Bus # 19    USD 299 Bus Radio or 785-526-7175 785-526-7175 Bus Driver
Loren Heller Bus # 7      USD 299 Bus Radio or 785-526-7175 785-526-7175 Bus Driver
  USD 299 Buildings and Grounds    
Lacie Boor   785-526-7175 High School Buildings and Grounds
David Hurlbut dhurlbut@usd299.org 785-526-7175 High School Buildings and Grounds
Connie Urban curban@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Elementary Building and Grounds
Rhonda Bland rbland@usd299.org 785-525-6244 Elementary Building and Grounds






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